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Originally Posted by shockwaveriderz
I have no idea where I got this or how accurate it is or isn't.....But I just found it so I thought I would post it.

Thanks for posting that pdf. I had tried constructing a scratch built Carlisle Mark I by eyeballing the photos in Launch Magazine, and other online pics. In 2010 at Naram 52 Colorado I was fortunate to meet Carl McLawhorn and showed my scratch version to him and asked if he would be going to do a Semroc kit version of the Mark I. I think he said that he had the opportunity to see an original Mark 1 at the Smithsonian and had taken measurements for a possible kit offering for doing a kit. But it was probably one of the many of the projects that he was juggling but didnt get finished. With the 3 digit accuracy of this drawing pdf, I wonder if the info could possibly have come from Carl? And would wonder if Randy Boadway would have his info now?

Attached are some pics of my Mark I, it is about 1.5" longer than what the pdf shows, so I may want to make another try at it:
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