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Originally Posted by dholvrsn
Launch racks made out of galvanized sawhorses. Still need wiring and vinyl numbers.


I want a couple of those! PLEASE work those launch heads up for BARCLONE!

Still trying to figure out what's up with my upscale 'Hawks shredding. 1/8" balsa, ~440mm span, C6-3 power.

You did say once before that this is happening during the power stage of the flight, right? After leaving the rod, but before burnout?

I think I said "flutter" before, and I think I'll say it again after seeing that image. Does it always happen on the same side, or does it shred one wing or the other seemingly at random?

Interesting that it happened inboard of the panel division.

Try someting on one of your next attempts. Instead of a single, solid piece of balsa, try taking two 1/16" thick sheets and creating a simple airfoil, with a piece of 1/16" sq. basswood in between, at about the 25% MAC location of the wing, as a spar. Sand the leading edge round, then, wrap a piece of kraft paper around the leading edge as a quick doubler.

What you need is just a touch of thickness in the wing at the balance point, with the spar to carry some of the loads.

Craig McGraw
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