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here are 3 G.H.Stine designs from the early to mid 50's ....these are rocket models, ie, not model rockets.... the FAFNIR was on the cover of the GHS book " ...And A Star to Steer Her By..." circa 1953...GHS handmade this model 4 to 5 years before model rocketry existed....the exhaust is cotton balls . This are just models, not flying model rockets although I'm sure they might be able to be converted. this book: has all the detailed drawings of them. GHS books also has drawings of them . The Absyrtis is in Contraband Rocket. Also check out Rocketman and Starship Thru Space. The last pic is GHS with his cat Cosmos who was a character in his book Starship Thru Space. This isn't a very good pic but if you look real closely next to the FAFNIR is a scale rocket to give you an idea how BIG the FAFNIR would have been in real life. The launchpad is depicted in a drawing of the cover of Rocketman.
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