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Default Build Progress 7

Well a little warm weather in late February allowed for the start of painting. Decided to go with a Red White and Blue theme with gold decals from StickerShock... stay tuned I think this bird is gonna be pretty..

  • Sanded the entire rocket with 320 grit 3M paper to remove all residues of epoxy or other imperfections
  • Cleaned up with a thorough wipe down with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) soaked paper towels
  • Removed all particulate traces with a gentle rub down with a tack cloth
  • Using a sandable auto primer (Plasti-kote)
  • After an overnight dry more sanding - this time wet sanding with 320 grit 3M paper
  • Two to three total primer layers prior to starting with the color coats
  • Plan is for a high gloss finish so using a combination of Testors Lacquer and Rustoleum Lacquer paints
  • Applying modest to light lacquer color coats followed by overnight drying and then sanding
  • Water wipe down and tack cloth rub down between each cycle of color coat application and sanding
  • Using 1500 grit 3M paper on the color coats
  • 2-3 color coats with sanding in between prior to application of decals
  • Final coverage will be with a clear coat lacquer

Hoping that we are finally hitting consistent 50F+ weather so I can finish the painting this week!!!

In between painting I finished off the AV bay. The last component was to mount the Trackimo GPS tracker. The Trackimo comes with 2 different back plates; 1 with a belt clip the other with Velcro. Added Velcro strips to the AV bay sled and a plastic backing plate so it won't pop off with acceleration at launch.

Next steps.... finish color coat painting, adhere decals, final clear coat painting, weighing and final Cg determination, dry land ejection charge testing.

Will follow Tim's advice with respect to swivels attached to the parachutes.

Have a K540M motor ready for first flight!!!

Cheers all!

Matt and Nate
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