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Ok, I filled out the form, but I didn't see a 'save' button.
Does it automatically save it under my SAM No.?


Originally Posted by Carl@Semroc
I have added an online engine survey to get you input. This is in a constant state of change. As more engines are better characterized, the data will be updated. I will be adding some links to .eng files for Rocksim as I get them completed.

The engines longer than 3.25" are in the future, since they will require a new machine, but we do want to get an idea of interest in current sizes, as well as future sizes.

This survey is only for SAM's until we are ready for a larger public exposure. Please send your comments, errors, omissions, ideas, etc. in this thread. We want all SAM's to have as much input in this process as possible.

The link is Engine Survey. You have to login to see it. There is a current limit of 100 packs per engine so the results do not get badly skewed. (GH... don't break the B14 buttons! )
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