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Talking RIP Goblin, long live the next Goblin King and DRM

Well, the Bt55 Original Goblin is gone and we had a heavy rain last night so I am sure the BT is soggy by now in its desert grave (see my other thread Bye Bye Goblin for the maiden flight/lose details). Got in the BT for the Red Max (DRM for my daughter) in standard BT60 format for 18mm Motors and I am now building a replacment Golin in BT60 so it will be a little heavier and bigger than the 1X vapor trail rocket. At 4 ounces projected weight it should do much better than the 1.5 ounce 1X model as far as recovery is concerned. I plan the D12-6 for this one. Sunday is my rocket buidling day so a lot of fun is coming up tomorrow. Finish paint for the DRM will be black cone over red body tube with appropriate decals. The Goblin is going to be a little more pumpkin color rather than the yellow I used before. Hopefully both these rockets will return to earth to be recovered to fly again and again.
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