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Originally Posted by James Pierson
Nice designs Craig, and I wiil be sure to add the NC to my database. A guy can always use more parts .

James Pierson
NAR# 77907

My cements eggzactly...

Seriously, though, having a manufacturer of larger components opens up a multitude of possibilities...

Imagine, for example, if we had the SEMROC BC-760 nose cone in 3" diameter hollow poly? My head is spinning about what the Andromeda would look like at that scale...

Let's see...

3" divided by 0.736" equals about 4.08. Now, the current version of the Andromeda is 29.25", multiplied by 4.08 gives us 119.34". The original fin span is 5.86", multiplied by 4.08 would be 23.90" across.

Sounds like I need to work up a RockSim on this bad boy...
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