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The points and solutions raised are valid and informative. The only concern I have is market size versus production run overhead - basically I do not want to see Semroc burdened with sunk cost in a product that is slow to move a la SLS. Is your assembly process for the "packaged motors" also using the DECAP module or are these produced in a standard manner? In the packaging process is there a temporary cap on the propellant that requires removal prior to the insertion of the DECAP? Color band on the flared end of the DECAP to provide a sight cue for insertion?

The virtually infinite variety of combinations of motor burn and delay would be a welcome option for a select group. I just do not have a feel for the mass market appeal, and the added preparation step for the average modeler. At your price point you are comparable with Estes MSRP for packaged, and I have no doubt that retailers will be able to discount. Even at plus 25 cents per I doubt that there would be a real pricing concern. The issue of selectable delay charge is I think fairly sophisticated choice and while the assembly of the DECAP might be a doddle, the combination of model weight and motor thrust might be more math than Joe Average could exert and result in a lot of Tau Zeros blowing their NC into the ground after a really pretty ballistic fligth.

Conceptually I am right with you. The ability to provide a bespoke delay on a model is an absolute selling point for a sophisticated user (which everyone here is). As for the assembly I even envisaged a light ply reload press to seat the displacement fit DECAP into the Semroc motor, but then I over think everything...
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