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Default New Design -- SLS Lune R-1

The SLS Lune R-1 is an upscale of the 1.04" diameter Semroc Lune R-1 to LT-175 tubing. This design shares many of the same parts as the Semroc SLS kits Aero-Dart & Explorer and includes the same removable engine mount for 24mm or 29mm flights.

I cut the fin set from basswood stock and used the same tab measurements to fit a Semroc pre-slotted body tube same as used in the SLS kits. This design uses LL-320 3/16" launch lugs although my test model used 1/4" lugs since that size is prevalent at the launch site I flew at. Lune R-1 upscaled color vinyl graphics by Graphix & Stuff. Some build pictures are included below. Pictures of the first F42-8T test flight in these links:

The F42T EconoJet using the 8 second delay proved to be a great choice for a picture perfect deployment on it's first flight. D12-5 & E9-6 flights would require a minimum 48" rod to get up to speed and those selections would be great for demo flights on a smaller field.

Length: 41.095"
Diameter: 1.840" (LT-175)
Span Dia: 7.146"
Weight: 6.807 oz

D12-5......529'......Dv 17 FPS......48" x 3/16" rod
E9-6........875'......Dv 29 FPS......48" x 3/16" rod
F42-8....1,861'......Dv 3 FPS.......36" x 3/16" rod

Thanks for looking!

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