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After having the parts for a couple of years, I've finally started a Gemini-Titan (sort of) clone. I wanted to make a few improvements, so first I opened up the interstage area. After cutting the BT-70, I used a hole punch and x-acto. Right now I'm planning on running a BT-60 all the way from the top of the engine mount to the capsule. I am going to try to make slots in the BT-70 through which the plastic fins can be slid (I got this idea from a website a few years ago, but can't find it now). The slits will be in the black roll pattern, so you won't notice them much.
I also dressed up the engines. Instead of using the old coupler/ring combo, I used speaker wire, string, styrene, and balsa. The support tubes will be added after painting. I am trying to use a couple of paper models as wraps or decal patterns for the BT and capsule.
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