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Originally Posted by Holaka
Need to know the lengths needed for the Thors BT-52 and BT-60 tubes, and Gemini Titans BT-70. Thanks!

Here's the trick to finding lengths of body tubes of old Estes kits. First we find the plans for the kit in question on either JimZ or on my site, Ye Olde Rocket Plans Look for the part # on the plans for the tubes in question. Then we go to the Ninfinger site where he has an Estes Body Tube chart,

For the Gemini-Titan BT-70 it is 17.5" in length. For the T-A BT-52, it is 3.938" in length. The BT-60 tube is 7.0" in length.

For nose cone information go to my Ye Olde Rocket Shoppe site, and look on the Building Tips page.
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