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Thumbs up Pig(skin) Kickin'

Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
Kick A Pig should have been posted in the other thread, but it's here for Jay...
"Heh heh, heh heh... Hey, Beavis. Let's go kick a pig!"

My other first thoughts were to make it look like a football, with laces and everything. I might come up with a Flying Pigskin a little later...

...I've got to get that one to spin off the rod, though...

...Maybe a two- or three-motor cluster, with tilted mount tubes, and have the rod going right through the center...
Your football comments reminded me of the following Pigskin-inspired rocket designs from EMRR:

See what you've made me do, Jay!!???

This "thinking" stuff really is dangerous!
(modestly) Yeah, well, it's the least I can do. As a TV reporter/cameraman, I seem to have an incurable Analytical condition. --No, it has nothing to do with things gastro-intestinal.


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