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Originally Posted by Tweener

I noticed that the "E" ThunderRoc Clone rocksim launch guide data says "User specified minimum velocity for stable flight: 43.9993 ft/sec". Is this something you input or does the program somehow arrive at that figure? If it was input, how was it arrived at? Just wondering because the sim says my 'D' launches shouldn't have been stable for a little over 4" past the 36" rod that I was using.


What length rod did you use on your 'E' flight?

Excuse me if I seem a little slow, but after all this IS rocket science!


RockSim either calculates a value here, or there is a "pre-set" value in the program. I believe I can change that value, but I did not select that value. I've just run the simulations with mostly default values. What I did change was the temperature at launch time, the launch guide length (note, this doesn't necessarily mean a rod), and the Latitude of the launch site.

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