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Originally Posted by Sprint60
Wow, B through E in that one case. Too bad they weren't profitable.

I know far more about that whole product line at AeroTech than I care to remember.

...And now, another episode of "Bob's wacky history of model rocketry products".

When the model rocketry line of RMS products was developed at AeroTech in early 1992, the RMS-18 motor casing was just going to have a 'D' performance load for it. This became the D13 load.

(On another tangent, when the RMS-18 load was determined to be a 'D13', Dan Meyer took a picture of the RMS-18 casing and faxed it to then-NAR President Pat Miller with a note that basically said, "Be afraid. Be very afraid.")

So the D13 would be the load for the RMS-18 casing and that was that.

I couldn't leave it alone.

"What's the largest impulse load we can fit in the case," I asked?
Quickly followed up with, "Can we put smaller loads in the case?"

That got some people thinking.

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