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Originally Posted by Ltvscout
What did he say the reason was for the unanswered email and unanswered phone call?

The email I don't know - as far as the phone call, when I got through to him, it was pretty obvious he was busy with customers in his store. Maybe that was the reason for not answering my earlier call. Even so, when he did answer, he took the time to address my concern, despite having other customers.

I wish to be fair - I was spoiled by the Semroc service, and that of other vendors has been pretty great as well. Up to this order, eRockets has always shipped within a day, and everything was there. I can understand delays due to a lack of stock, end even that there may be an occasional error in the web site; however, communication is key. Had I received a notice that this item was out of stock, I would not have been happy, but at least I would know what is going on. Conversely, I did not stipulate in my order that receiving the nose cone was urgent, nor did I request that I be notified if there would be delays in shipping. I ASSUMED that I would be informed of an out-of-stock item, which is what I have experienced from JonRocket, Fliskits, Sandman, and others. Maybe I need to put that in the order comments section if I have an urgently needed item in the future.

Anyway, all appears good now.
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