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Originally Posted by rkt2k1

I would be happy to burn a copy of Open Office to CD and mail it to you.

Consider it a thank you! You sent me a copy of the Centuri Hummingbird plans and patterns a few years back.

I agree with Craig, it is a great software package, especially as its free. But as you mentioned the download is a bit much for a dial-up download.

PM with your contact info if interested.

... Bill

P.S. Thanks for the fin pattern data! This is even more valuable now with Rocksim's scale functionality!

Gahkk... Dial Up? Jay, I didn't realize you only had that. Sorry, buddy!

Bill, be sure to get one of the developer's builds for him, along with a "stable release". They're plenty stable, even though the program gets an update about every two to three weeks. I haven't found any show-stopper bugs yet, and I've been using OOo for years now. Way back in the V1.0 days, yeah, but not recently.

Jay, let me know (here) when you get it up and running.
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