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Default A Call For Fin Patterns


RockSim has a database for CUSTOM fin templates, but only one or two of these have any significance to the models we work with. What I would like to do is to create a new database of templates, based on our own designs and those of Estes / Quest / SEMROC models that we have the patterns available for. These can then be added to, or substituted for, those that come with the program.

To do this, once you have created your CUSTOM fin pattern, save it to the existing database first, then extract that row using a spreadsheet. Rename the old CSV file to a ".BAK" (backup) file, then save the new spreadsheet as a CSV database with the original name. You should be able to call it up without RockSim knowing any difference.

Finally, post a copy of the new CSV file here for all of us to import.
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