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Originally Posted by ShieldWolf
Are you using the clear coat recommended by Bel?

On these attempts, no. I was using the Valspar Acrylic. I have a fresh can of Krylon that I'll try on the next sheet. I really don't think the acrylic itself is the problem: The decals "held together" OK, it was just the water coming through the backing paper that was causing the trouble. The ink was bleeding and cracking "behind" a solid layer of Acrylic...

If not, that may be the source of the problem.

If you are using the recommended sealer, try another clear acrylic on top of that to see if it will seal better. I would try it on a scrap piece first to make sure it doesn't have a reaction with the decal film.

I've put as much as three layers on top of the ink, and the problem persists. If it takes four sprays, then we've really got a problem!

Personally, I'm having trouble getting the decal to print solid colors without excessive orange peal. Thin lines and letters print okay, it's just large areas of solid color. For example, the skull and cross bones for Der Red Max print fine, but the cross (forgot the name of that), looks like the bottom af a dry lakebed. Don't even think about the band at the top of the rocket.


Sounds like my Epson C84. The DuraBrite inks are chemically incompatable with the coating on the Bel papers. All I ever got from them was "orange peel".

I'm starting to look for a different decal paper. I've heard about another line called "SuperCal", but all I've found so far were starter sets, and not refills.

I've built the DRM and a "Dopple Max" (two-stage DBRM), so I'll be needing those decals, too.

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