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Here are a couple of the very few I have from back in the day, both made by my Dad at the only two launches he was at; my very first, and then another in early 1979.

The first one is, as mentioned above (and is my 'YORF' image on my posts here), from my very first launch June 6, 1976. It was an early Sunday afternoon after church and was four weeks to the day before the July 4 Bicentennial that year.

Next, at a different field after we had moved to a different house in summer of '77 is a launch from early 1979 (probably Jan-Feb). An Estes Colonial Viper has just left the pad.

In both photos I note what now seems like a massive wad of hair on my head! I still have the Screaming Eagle from the first photo and I note just how bright white the body tube was then. It has darkened and aged quite a bit in the last 44 years.

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