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Originally Posted by Crocodile
What is the background on the "PSC Infinity™" kit listed in the "SEMROC kits at a glance" ?? Can't find any info on it and I don't remember it from back in the 60s & 70s. Does anyone have a photo they can post???

Yep - it's a new one that should be available soon once a few remaining details get sorted.

Pittsburgh Space Command, Section #473, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary as an NAR section this year, and our commemorative launch is the 22nd of May. What's a commemorative launch without a commemorative kit?

The illustration for the model has been worked up and should be available soon for posting. I'll also mention that the kit is a two-stage two engine cluster; should be interesting to fly!

The kit was conceived by Mike Hardobey, a long time club member, and was selected from several designs that were entered in a club contest. Mike also conceived our Anniversary patch, and its final design was true team effort. More info can be found at

Everyone is welcome to visit and fly with us at the commemorative launch, and if you have a favorite model from 1986, bring it along. We're also planning to launch as many vintage models from 1986 as we can at the Anniversary launch, and it should be interesting to see what turns up!

In the meantime, we're finalizing just a few remaining details and then the PSC Infinity should be ready to go. A big shout out to Carl and team for all their help; they've been a solid supporter of our Section over the years, and the entire PSC team is extremely grateful for their support and friendship.
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