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I completely agree on some of the Quest rings. They literally are thinner than the cardstock used on cereal boxes. About the only thing worse in my book are the black rings! On the RTB white rings I guess it was the dry fit that makes the difference. I always glue the rings to the motor tube and leave them for about 12 hours. Then I nail the inside lip of the inner tube (this I do with all commercial tubes since the cutting process leaves a throat on the tube end). Then pressing the tube into and removing it a couple of times. Given your using yellow PVA it will indeed grab almost instantly. The nail tends to flare the lip slightly, which is resolved with the contraction of the adhesive on curing.

Not to demean your experience, just not one that I can replicate in building 20 of the RtB models. I even checked it again on a Start just to be sure...

Anyone want a free assembled Start??
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