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Originally Posted by Solomoriah
I'm in the middle of assembling a Lil' Centauri; I built a Mini Centurion a few weeks back. Overall I like these kits; if they went together as easily as the instructions indicate, I'd love them.

Unfortunately, they have one glaring problem: the white ring is too tight in the "inner" tube. WAY too tight. This isn't a problem for me, of course; I just run them around the sandpaper a few (dozen) times until they fit into the inner tube, and I go on. But these kits are aimed at first-time builders... at the very least, if they must be sanded, it should be in the instructions.

Otherwise, I am, as always, pleased with the quality of these Semroc kits. Just thought I should mention the problem that I'm seeing.

You didn't hit the other glaring problem on the Lil' Centauri? Namely that the fin alignment jig cutouts aren't wide enough for the balsa fins, nor do they actually line up with the position of the 2 wings and 4 fins.

For the other RTB kits, though, I agree. Other than surface prep and paint/decals, the build itself is probably only about a 10-15 minute job for me.
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