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I built the Augie II in 1966, and this is really an upscale of the Augie II, and not the Lil Augie (both are Estes DOMS). But it's a minor point -- makes more sense to call your first Augie a Lil Augie than an Augie II.

That thing is going outta sight on an F-to-F flight. (eRockets web info says 2800 feet). I did my first Estes F15 flight in a Star Orbiter at NSL, and it had to go over 1600 feet. Bernard Cawley was doing the cumulative altitude competition (Sierra Blanca Challenge, I think was the name), and he was getting north of 1600 feet with same rocket/motor combo.

My Augie II is the yellow and black rocket in this cropped slide from 1966. Really a fun rocket to fly. I've had plans drawn for a D12-to-D12 version, but a 29mm upscale is a perfect way to try out some F15-0 motors.
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