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Originally Posted by CenturiGuy
I did this one back in August, and sent it to Craig (so it may already count as a 2007 BARCLONE design) , but I unearthed it again this week. I sent propaganda to JP and BillE, but apparently I didn't share it with the rest of the forum until now.

From the Can't Leave Well Enough Alone Department, this is,

"A collision between Wolverine #0861 and Laser Torpedo #1311 -- Upscaled to 1.68X."

Any comments or suggestions (aside from, "So, tell us about these voices you hear in your head" ) are welcome.


AKA "Laserene"...

Be sure to look at those "launch guide lengths" in the sim sheets. Both the C11 and the D12 require 48" x 3/16" rods. The E9 takes 47 out of 48, so you need a 60" rod or tower.

I still like the design. "She jus' needs more power, Capt'n..."

...And as for those voices, you might try a few generous doses of " PF Dark Side" and "AP Valid Path". (Now there's a combination of music: A Valid Path to the Dark Side...)
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