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Default Design Count

As I continue working on the website update, I am watching the number of designs gradually inching upward as I 'discover' some additional designs posted on the forum that were somehow overlooked. So, I thought I'd share these numbers with you for encouragement...

In the PROVENS category, we have 413 designs, the most recent being James Pierson's Cap Ship.

In the CONCEPTS category (designs that have either not been sufficiently debugged, or cannot be simulated with RockSim) we have 41 entries.

This brings us up to 454 designs at the start of 2008. Can we make this number cross 500 before the end of the year? I think it's possible!

Also remember, now that we're into the new year, the "Scrounged...2007" thread is closed for new posts. All new submissions need to be posted here in the Designers Studio.

I'm looking forward to seeing what develops here!
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