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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
Nice going, Steve! Those coupons do come in handy for "special" purchases...

Translation: She can use 'em, too...

Now I can run the sim over again and get a more accurate profile...

The altitude came to 1138' with a slightly reduced Dv, down to 24 FPS, when burning the D12-5.

Interesting outcome with the C11-5. I get 565' with a Dv of 8 FPS. That's a really nice, clean flight with low velocity over the top.

Both motors seem to need a 48" x 3/16" rod with this bird, as they take at least 33" of guide length to reach flight V. An extra 12" wouldn't hurt.

What I really want is a "D" bird that Dv's below 10 FPS, and still gets off easily on a 36" rod. This one comes close, but I want the next one to be a little quicker on the launch.


I did get a little progress on the 24mm AV Booster tonight. Engine mount is finished and mounted with kevlar shock cord anchor and fins are cut and covered with label paper and edges sealed with CA. I would normally use a Semroc ST-13 baffle but I'm trying to get it built to paint this weekend since our next launch is on Nov. 17 and I want to fly it at least a few times.

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