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Default First Discontinued Kits

After long deliberations, we have decided to discontinue all the CC: Kits. We are out of stock on the Space Plane and X-21 and do not plan on re-kitting the SST Shuttle as a cc: kit when they are gone.

Almost all our complaints and warranty issues have been with the cc: kits.
1. No instructions in kit.
2. Links broken to instructions or can't get to the internet.
3. Bad design.
4. Poorly written instructions.
5. Not up to Semroc's standards.

Far too many customers missed the point of building historically significant kits using Vern's instructions and Lee's instructions. Several people said we should re-release them with "better parts" and Semroc written instructions.

I don't think they were around in the "Old Days."
Carl McLawhorn
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