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Originally Posted by Ez2cDave
You're very welcome !

As for the launch tables, I have no clue. It's possible the were identical, but maybe not.

Another thing to consider is that is a display and the "wrong" launch table could have been used, or not.

The pics below are JUNO, JUPITER, and MERCURY REDSTONE.
Thank you for posting these additional, closeup pictures. That's what I'm wondering (if the launch tables might have been swapped or replaced due to corrosion, etc.); John Hilliard told me that the one used at LC-5 for Alan Shepard's and Gus Grissom's Mercury-Redstone flights was moved from there to the KSC Visitor Center in 1969 (but with a Mercury-Redstone, a Jupiter-C/Juno I, and a Juno II in the "Rocket Garden," there are two--and possibly three--possibilities for which one launched Alan and Gus [and maybe Pioneer 3 and 4, in 1959]).

It's also possible that, due to the basic similarity between the Redstone and Jupiter launch tables, one could have been modified to support the other's missile, since some of the outdoor hardware at the Cape has succumbed to corrosion over the decades (such as the original LC-5 gantry; the one there now is a replacement one). Since the two firing tables are similar (or maybe, "later-model" ones were made to support either missile [that's a kind of thing that von Braun and the Army would have done, for logistical simplicity and to save money]), they were swapped out if the originals rusted too much (since the average person couldn't tell the difference).
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