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Originally Posted by Ironnerd
I put it in on time, and never saw it on the ballot. I was told it was really just a sub-set of the altitude event. It was then passed on to another contest director who replaced the outgoing contest director. Then it just went away.

I have a new proposal for the same event typed up and printed. I plan to send it out to NAR HQ on 15-July of this year. It is worded a little differently this time as it is "...a competitive event specifically for, and exclusive to, multi-stage rockets."
Having just read your posting about your proposed Staged Altitude event above, an idea occurred to me: Why not *also* suggest it to Stuart Lodge (e-mail: ) as an FAI level, international space modeling event? Stuart, who is a long-time FAI model rocketry competitor *and* contest judge (as well as the author of several books on model rocketry), has lamented the "stagnant" status of FAI competition, saying that new events--and modifications to existing ones--are badly needed. Your event is just the sort of new, fresh event that he would love to cover and discuss in his interspace... FAI competition space modeling e-mail newsletter (subscription to it is *free* for the asking!). He recently ran an article on the NAR Concept Scale category, which he also thinks would invigorate FAI model rocketry competition. Wouldn't it be peachy if the NAR ignored your proposal (I certainly hope they won't this time), but the *world's* space modeling organization picked up your idea and ran with it? :-)
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