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Thumbs up BARCLONE's Burgeoning!

Originally Posted by CPMcGraw

I want to thank you and James for all of your recent contributions to this thread, and for allowing me to move them up to the BARCLONE site for the next update.

Sorry to take so long to respond to your post!

While I feel like I'm a *long* way behind James in submitting designs (at least, when it comes to sheer numbers), I appreciate you saying "Thanks!" (Sorry I'm not adept at graphics. Otherwise, I'd have more interesting decal sheets. )

You may not have noticed the hit counter lately at BARCLONE, but we just crossed the 20,000 mark. With the most-recent batch of RKT files that I've sent up to Scott, we have nearly doubled (if not actually doubled) the number of designs available. That means we've generated over 250 designs in the last four years.
Does that mean the number has doubled in the last year?

I'm excited that the BARCLONE concept has finally started picking up. It's beginning to feel like what I had hoped it would be, which is a place where builders and designers could share their ideas with others.
It's also nice to have an outlet for the Creative Fits which seem to possess us from time to time. (GET THIS THING OUT OF MY *HEAD,* ALREADY! )

Cheers, as always,

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