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Originally Posted by pantherjon
Finicky design..One that lends itself to being a 'tweener'..One delay is too short and the next option is a tad too long..If 1oz of nose weight is added, the 18mm RMS loads look viable..Tho, again, it is a tweener..All the loads (D13,D21 and D24) show good DV numbers- but require shortening the 7 second delay to either 6 seconds for the D21 and D24 or to 5 seconds for the D13..DV numbers I got:
D13 11.32 @ 996 ft
D21 3.63 @ 1026 ft
D24 12.89 @ 938 ft

Which brings up the question, If this model is such a pill to fly, what motors did they really test with? This model was a 1982 release, so what other motors did they have available in 1981 and 1982 (but didn't mention in the instructions) that would have flown the model reasonably well, and give a relatively soft Dv?
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