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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
I'm looking at the design, and I've looked at the plans from Centuri. The primary motors for this monstrosity are the B8-5 and C5-3. These are cored motors, with sharp spikes to kick it hard. I don't think your simulation has any major problems, since you matched it close to the original. It's the motors, and the lack thereof of motors with any serious power. Your idea of converting to 24mm might be the only viable solution unless or until someone ever produces core-burners again.

Finicky design..One that lends itself to being a 'tweener'..One delay is too short and the next option is a tad too long..If 1oz of nose weight is added, the 18mm RMS loads look viable..Tho, again, it is a tweener..All the loads (D13,D21 and D24) show good DV numbers- but require shortening the 7 second delay to either 6 seconds for the D21 and D24 or to 5 seconds for the D13..DV numbers I got:
D13 11.32 @ 996 ft
D21 3.63 @ 1026 ft
D24 12.89 @ 938 ft
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