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Originally Posted by thompsonfive
My Mom worked as an office assistant at Damon back in the day. I think I remember them having something to do with Interferon. One day she grabbed a catalog off a table at work and brought it home to me, and that's how I got started. She also got an employee discount which was nice. I think I must have gone over that catalog until it disintegrated. I should get myself a replacement someday.

One word -- eBay.
I've found a number of old catalogs from my youth. The one I just cannot seem to ante up enough for is a '64. I was up to about $120, as I recall, and got considerably outbid by a couple people in the final few seconds (probably fellow YORF members!). Afterwards, I actually felt some relief that I lost, thinking it was insane to pay that much. But, I still feel that I've got to get that one someday - it was my first Estes catalog.

One of the Damon-era catalogs can be found in great shape at reasonable prices if you just keep watching.
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