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Originally Posted by luke strawwalker
Yes... but it was more of a 'merger' than Centuri 'shutting down'... go to and scroll down and check out the last couple or three Centuri catalogs... You'll find that the last Centuri catalog is produced EXACTLY like the Estes catalog of the time. The layout, symbols, everything except the products (most of them, interestingly enough the Pola-Pulse (Estes) launch controller is an exact duplicate of the Power-Pulse (Centuri) controller). If you read the last three, you'll see that about 1/3 of the Centuri line had been dropped by the time of the last catalog. Now Centuri was before my time, but I've really been enjoying reading all their old catalogs and stuff. Both companies were owned by Damon and Centuri was simply 'absorbed' into Estes and faded away...

That's exactly what I said....except I used about 1/4 of the words.

As for it fading away, I'm sure you know that Estes actually became the Centuri corporation on paper due to tax benefits in Phoenix.
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