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Originally Posted by Shreadvector
"Centuri" is a company name.

i knew that


Centuri was not absorbed by Estes. Centuri did not shut down.

Centuri corporation actually owned (and may still own - don't know how it's currently structured in the "Estes-Cox" era) Estes.

Centuri corp simply stopped making Centuri branded rocket products for retail sale. Look at the Estes catalogs and copright info in the not-so-distant-past. They say "Centuri corp."

interesting. but does it really matter? seems to me the bottom line is that there aren't, nor have there been for some time, centuri designed and styled rockets. that's too bad 'cause from what i've seen they made some neat stuff. and it is pretty clear that neither centuri nor estes exist as independent companies any more - estes is the brand name of a line of products from a company called cox. the centuri name seems dead - it hasn't been applied to a rocket, no matter who designed it, for some time.
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