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Originally Posted by CenturiGuy
"37 years ago today..." was Sept. 8, 1974, and the following event put my adopted hometown on the map.:



Thanks for the history note. Man, hard to believe that event is pushing in on 40 years ago. Seems 'almost' like yesterday. Us boys in the neighborhood followed his every jump, and the Snake River event was the drama of all dramas. Too bad that chute ejected (for whatever reason....don't know if I ever really remember hearing the exact fault reasoning on that part of the jump) on the way up the launch ramp.

For a 12 year old kid who loved riding a bike and jumping home made ramps about as much as rockets and space, there weren't too many mortals cooler than Knievel back in those days.

I got the Centuri Sky Cycle in '76 and it was one of my favorite flyers back then. Matter of fact, it still flys occasionally still.....original chute, shock cord and all.

Thanks for the memory 'jogger' Jay!

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