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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
Cough, cough... wheeze...

Someone said my name!

The only thing that has happened since 2009 is I've gotten a lot older, grumpier, lazier, made a move to a "new" house and boxed everything up [that's three and a half years ago!], and I'm still looking for 'those boxes' after all this time. Oh, and I've played a LOT of KSP since then...

If there's any good news, I'm still breathing... Barely...

Found a couple of really old pen drawings from about that date. But I've forgotten just about everything I ever knew about RockSim. Sigh.

I miss Carl, too...

CRAIG!!!! Good to hear from you. I was wondering about what happened to you a couple of weeks back. Can't remember why, but I can't remember breakfast, either.
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