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One thing I've found true in my case is, I tend to sketch on paper a lot more than I work up in RockSim. Those limitations really are significant, and if RS9 solves some of them, then I should see an increase in my sim count. I'm hoping others in the BARCLONE guild will take the time to work with the new version.

Even if just the three of us - You, Me, and James - did our "share" of 52 each, that's still 156 new designs! The 1000-count was, as you said, a gauntlet. It was a target, and a challenge. I'm hoping to see a much greater volume of designs in 2009 than we've seen this past year. We have the potential for new [booster] motors (re-releases, actually) and it's going to be our job to give modelers something new and interesting to burn them in. Many of my sketches lately have been 13mm 2-stagers.
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