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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw

See if you can add the ability to directly enter a dimension value in the boxes, either via keyboard direct or from a cut-n-paste operation. I'm running Safari, and it won't allow me to do a direct input - only through the up/down buttons (and, interestingly, the up-arrow/down-arrow keys).

Another feature (I'm sure you've thought about this a lot) would be a visual graphic representation of the part. Not everyone has RockSim or OpenRocket...

I'm trying it out now...

Addendum: The direct input is hit-and-miss. One box refused to let me type in a value, while another lets me.

Can you not see the nose cone? It is output via VML. I started to use Java, but it was another layer to learn. The spinners and input areas are in Java because HTML was not clean enough. On my PC, I have to use the numeric pad to input the minus, but other numbers work on main keyboard or numeric pad. Mysterious.
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