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Originally Posted by Chas Russell
What would you like SEMROC to provide first?

The basic A through E Questest clones?

Shorts? 13mm? Even smaller?

18mm, but some oldies and goodies like the A5-x and B14-x?

Not looking for specific motors, but rather what the group thinks would sell. After all, there is a profit motive involved.

I would first offer motors that are not currently available from other vendors. A motor that almost everyone that flew rockets in the 60's and 70's wish they still had available today, the mighty B14!!!!

There are others as well such as the A5's, low impulse booster motors for the second stage of three stage rockets such as 1/2A6-0 and A8-0, and 13mm B motors.

I feel these would sell well since no one else makes them currently. Then when people see the quality of the Semroc motors (i.e. good tracking smoke, accurate delays and ejection charges that are just right) they'll then be eager to buy common size motors from Semroc.

18mm shorties would be nice to have, but profit-wise would not be as big of a seller as those listed above. Those would be something to add down the road after the Semroc motor line is established in the hobby.
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