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Originally Posted by Doug Sams
My first go-round was concurrent with the moon race. I got an Estes starter kit in the mail in the fall of 1969, as I recall. But by ~73 I had moved on to other interests.

The release of "October Sky" on video in the fall of 99 spurred me into BAR-dom. I ran out of gas around 2010, and have been more into cars of late. No classic rods in my driveway, but I've gotten quite proficient at working on them. That probably has more to do with having kids driving than anything else.

I now have two grand buddies, ages 5 and 6, who are asking questions about the rockets I have. So taking them out for a launch is on the horizon. I expect I won't necessarily get to cranking out a new bird each week any time soon, but I can see me getting more active while helping Noah and Graham thru some scratch Marks and Alphas

And eventually a Midget or two.
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