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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
The model is named "Sunbird", and the error is mine. There may be a "Starbird", or "Star Bird" somewhere in the patch, but it will take some digging and poking. At some point between the original concept and the final post of the file, I changed the name and forgot about it. I apparently so very forgot about it that I forgot I had named it in the file itself...

Addendum: I could also have forgotten the name should have been Starbird, and just made yet another goof above...

Such is life. I tried not to grow old, argued seriously against it, but my body and mind had other ideas, and they never listened to me anyway.

I certainly wasn't trying to stir the aging pot, I was just askin'. I'd just leave it as is, nobody else may have ever noticed, but then again with this bunch...........

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