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Default Seattle Museum of Flight accessions

Hi Pat,

Thanks for your comments and introduction! We look forward to your updates!

Yesterday, I spoke with Lee Piester, former president of Centuri Engineering Company, and he informed me that the Seattle MOF is seeking to obtain all of the Smithsonian's NASM current model rocket collections, as well, in order to become "the" model rocketry repository. Do you have any additional news to report about the progress/prospects of negotiations with the Smithsonian and that coming true?

Lee Piester said that the Seattle MOF should be receiving shipments from him and from Vern Estes sometime this year. Lee said that the collections would include such things as model rocket engine production notes as well as one of each of Centuri's model rocket launch pads they produced. For us old time model rocketeers, it would be like being a kid in a candy store to have access to all these artifacts. Lee added that the Seattle MOF already has quite a bit of material in their basement below the museum's exhibition floor.

Any idea of how soon these items may be available for research/inspection?

Thanks again!

Kind regards,
Jeff Jenkins
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