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Originally Posted by dholvrsn
Early '74 would be the best. '75 would also be a sweet spot. But anything between '74 and '77 would be fine. Thanks!

I have most of the issues from 1974. Is there a particular subject you had in mind?

The covers are black and white except for "Model Rocketeer" and volume number, date and such which are red.

Most covers that year have models on them (as you'd expect) but one of them (March) has a full sized Saturn IB betting its fins replaced on it.

I suppose I can just scan several and you can choose. I'll probably need an email address as the file sizes will likely be too big to upload here so drop me a PM, please.

added: I've done February, March and July. Just let me know where to send 'em.

Further added: I've posted them to your similar thread on that other forum.
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