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FYI, The Full Betty had problems with the instructions.

I build one per the instructions, identified the problems and reported them back to Bill along with suggestions for revising the instructions and/or the parts to make it buildable and flyable.

I rebuilt it with the stock parts and modified instructions which resulted in an excellent flyer and a booster stage that tumbled very nicely for recovery.

I was hoping for a re-issue of the kit with the improvements. I guess that did not happen.

Originally Posted by Ltvscout
By now it could be. This thread is several years old and that list is from 2004.

I'm still looking for OOP Quest plans to put online. I've got Bill Stine's blessings to do this with the caveat that the plans are for personal use only and are not to be cloned and re-sold.

I've got a number of OOP Quest plans online already at
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