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I found, or became a Semite, in March 2006 and began tracking my orders since then. Up until my last order in March of this year I had sent $9000 to Knightdale - (I truly hope the wife does not see that number), and in return have been lavished with exceptional products, incredible customer service, and an absolute wealth of information and guidance. I am still deeply in their debt. I am in the mode of hoping against hope that an infusion of cash would be sufficient to provide a rebirth, but it is an awful lot to ask of Sheryl and Bruce to continue after the circumstance they have borne. I miss all the white boxes and smooth baby butt cones that came within them, and the crisp LC fins that made my life so very easy. I guess I will get to be one the "remember when?" group though, a true nostalgia and a saddened grumpy man.
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