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When I discovered the new Semroc in about 2010 (I vaguely recalled seeing a few of their first-run kits in Orange Blossom Hobbies in Miami in the early 1970s), I said to myself, "We should all [including the company personnel] enjoy this while it lasts." I did, and so did we (and they), and now it's over--at least under their efforts (I wish Jetlag/Allen well in his efforts to continue Semroc in some fashion)--but that very *mortal* nature of the experience is what made it special! Also:

I loved Estes' "Vern years," which were also special, and also never will be replicated, but I'm also enjoying their "Piester years," with Rick Piester on their governing board (which is deliciously ironic, considering the rival company that his father founded...). If Semroc continues under new ownership, I will develop a new, equally special relationship with the new owner(s), but that will never diminish the specialness of, or my fondness for, the original owners and the "McLawhorn years."
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