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Unlike many, I am not a BAR. I have built model rockets continuously since 1967. I have literally built hundreds of kits from as many different manufacturers as I could find. I have purchased kits and materials from guys with three designs working out of their living room and from companies with dozens of designs selling out of large warehouses. I have never experienced the pleasure of working with a company like Semroc. Semroc is not the kits and parts they sell, although those are second to none. Rather Semroc is the family that runs it. Carl, Sheryl and Bruce are the most loving, sharing, giving and caring people I have ever done business with. To say they were a class act does not even come close to describing what they do. I have had dealings with them for purchases, problems, questions and donations. Never have I been ignored and always they were lightening fast in everything they did. They always made you feel like you were their only customer and that the were there specifically for you. I will miss the kits and part a lot, but I will miss the them much, much more. Good luck, peace and God's grace in everything that comes your way.

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