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Default New SEMROC Kits

My Maxi Micron was delivered yesterday, looks to be similar in size to the SLS Explorer.
When I build the MM, I will go to my box of old parts and use some Flight Systems centering
rings, modify them to fit a 24mm tube. and fly this kit on C11's and D12'S.
I think I will leave the 18mm tube out of the Booster as well.
I don't know what 24mm motors will do to the CP -CG, I will compensate
with washers as needed.
The Maxi Micron / Booster 18 flying on a C11-0/ C11-7 -D12-0 / D12-7will be exciting.
SEMROC has some of the most interesting kits on the market today.
Neal Miller
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