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Originally Posted by Initiator001
He should build an Aero-Dart family like I did.

Ooops! I still need to build the Semroc Mini Aero-Dart I picked up at NARAM-52.

I have one of those with one coat of balsa fillercoat on it.....

Not sure I'll be trying to do an Aero Dart family beyond that, but I did also just finish a mount for the 29mm Estes BP Es and Fs so I can fly the one in the picture on those motors at NSL, hopefully..... Its first two flights on an Estes D12 and E12 were sure nice.

Oh - and back on topic - got the second order from Carl and Sheryl and company with the Maxi Micron and Booster-18 in it. With a little luck I'll bring those to NSL as well.

I now have Centurion F number 00008 and 00026. I'll build the second one I think.
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